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sounding off saying that this decision should be of no surprise to the rooftop solar industry and that they've known for months that the commission was tasked with reviewing net metering rates in the state. he went on to say that some leaders in the industry have even testified in support of the legislation. still - solar companies are remaining vocal opponents of the decision saying that it will negatively impact customers and employees alike. "keely carlin: 18:07 im not pleased that i was trying to cut those costs and now they're either not going to be reduced or more depending how this plays out " just today - "solar city" said they're ceasing solar sales in the state. that means the jobs of more than 2 thousands local workers are up in the air. solar city says therere about 12 thousand existing solar customers in nevada. they will also be impacted by this decision. nv energy would not comment on the commission's recent decision but they did say theyre currently
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determine the impact it'll have on their customers. live in the news room abby theodros fox5 news local las vegas governor sandoval also said more than $5 billion in renewable energy projects have been installed in the state during his administration. the changes to the net metering rates would be implented over the span of five years starting this january. police have identified a murder suspect - following a deadly fight earlier this year at the paris resort. it turns out - he was already in prison. metro says de angelo mathews was in custody - at the clark county detention center - for an unrelated incident. on tuesday - he was rebooked - on a count of open murder. a man from san jose - dashawn hawkins - was knocked unconscious during a fight at the valet back in may. he was taken to u-m-c and declared dead. early sunday. a 17 year old is shot and killed... another is in critical... after police say they tried to break into
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know... is the homeowner fox5's miguel martinez-valle joins us live from the scene near torrey pines and vegas drive... with more on this deadly shooting. that's right police say the homeowner shot the two 17 year old's after they broke into his home ... this happenen around 11 this morning and police are still out at this north west las vegas neighborhood continuing their investigation... from what the homeowner told police he heard a crash coming through his window... he then grabbed his gun and went downstairs... he 17-year-old who was wounded in the neighbors yard is in critical condition at umc,
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other teen in custody and their hoping to talk to all partys invovled as the investigation continues... live, miguel martinez- valle fox5,news local las vegas. metro police also investigating another deadly shooting from this morning with similar circumstances when a homeowner shot a person trying to break in. that happened on sahara and fort apache around five this morning. a plan is underway.... to fix
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stretch of road. what the department of transportation plans to do... about boulder highway. plus - another presidential candidate is planning a return to las vegas. but that's not the only way bernie sanders is targeting nevada voters. this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live local news right
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r highway has seen 14 deaths this year.. and the nevada department of transportation wants to do something about it. today they announced some big changes coming for this dangerous stretch of road... fox5's cyndi lundeberg spoke with n-dot and is live from boulder highway with what improvements we can expect... one of the big changes drivers can expect is a change in the speed limit... ndot says along boulder highway they will be lowering the speed limit from 55 to 45 miles an hour.. they say they hope this will give drivers and pedestrians more time to react... there have been 8 pedestrians killed crossing boulder highway this year... some of the other changes they're going to be adding
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know where crosswalks are... all these improvements are going to start in 2016 and ndot says they'll take about 6 months... " " ndot says they wanted to make these improvements to wanted to make these improvements to save lives. they also say enforcing these new laws will definitely be in collaboration with police. i was out here with netro police along boulder highway yesterday they were talking to pedestrians and handing out information to both drivers and
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area... metro tried to do something about the problems on boulder highway. officers walked a length of the road - trying to get the word out that it's a pedestrian's responsibility to not be in the road outside of a crosswalk.. and even then - to make sure it's safe to cross. metro has also been using its youtube channel to talk about pedestrian safety.. take a look at part of its recent video that also uses a little star wars theme .. from the las vegas metro police force.. :09 - :43 "woah sir hold up. hey what are you doing? what's wrong officer? i'm walking across the street here. well you're jaywalking, you're distracted while you're crossing the street not looking for cars, that's very dangerous. so! you will not jaywalk. i will not jaywalk. you will pay attention when crossing the road. i will pay attention while crossing the road. you will have a nice day. i will have a nice day."
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more than three hours on boulder highway yesterday. they say there was one ticket was handed out - along with dozens of warnings. a homeowners installs a video camera... inside a doorbell - and captures a burglary in action. now - police are looking for help - in tracking down the suspects. and.... did a political cartoon go too far? why one presidential candidate is saying the washington post - has sunk to a new low. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live
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of intentionally driving her car - with her child inside - through crowds of pedestrians on the strip - was in court today. lakeisha holloway has been arraigned on murder, hit-and- run and child abuse charges. she stood in shackles - and didn't enter a plea during her brief court appearance. she barely spoke and nodded to acknowledge that she understood she'll remain in jail through the holidays while
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investigate the crash. it happened sinday night - killing a woman and injuring dozens of people. the d-a says additional charges are likely - depending on results of drug and alcohol tests and the police investigation. "a blood draw was taken and its submitted to a lab, normally it takes weeks to get results and in some cases we have to ask for expidited results but we don't have the blood tests results yet." a defense lawyer characterized holloway as distraught. the judge set a late january date for a preliminary hearing of the evidence. the search is on for three burglary suspects... caught on camera in the summerlin area. see if you recognize them... metro says the video was recorded by a camera disguised as a doorbell - at a home on alzina court - near alta and desert foothills - in the far west side of the valley. one man and two women were seen at the door - and after getting no response - entered the home through the back. they were also
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metro is also looking for these four people - caught on surveilance cameras at different convenience stores around the valley. police say on december 10-th.... they took large crates of merchendise before running off. no word on if any of them were armed. if you have information on any of these cases.... call police or crimestoppers - at 702-385-55-55. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is returning to las vegas. the vermont senator is holding a campaign event on monday - december 28-th... at canyon springs high school. the event begins at 6-30 p-m... while doors open at 5 p-m. sanders' campaign has also launched advertising blitz - that tell sanders' life story, including his childhood in brooklyn, his involvement in the civil rights movement and his vote against the iraq war. donald trump is rock solid on top of the republican presidential field. as sunlen serfaty reports... a new poll shows him than three of his
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donald trump dominating the g- o-p field. a new cnn/orc poll showstrump on top with 39 percent support. more than double his next closest opponent, ted cruz. trump's lead is even more definitive.when measured by the depth of his support on issue after issue. on handling the economyimmig ration. ..and isisvoters all deem trump the best equipped commanding natsot/trump:"she was favored to win and she got schlonged, she lost, i mean she lost." the frontrunner...thou gh...still in the storm...caused by his latest controversy... (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate): "i'm watching the debate, and she disappeared! where did she go!? where did she go!? (butt to) "i know where she went, it's disgusting, i don't want to talk about it." and now, hillary clinton for the first timeresponding directly to trump's vulgar rhetoric about her (hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate):"i really deplore the tone of
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rhetoric that he is using to divide people." clinton saying she thinks trump has a "penchant for sexism." (hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate): "i don't know that he has any boundaries at all. his bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign." trump hitting back...tweeting "be careful hillary as you play the war on women or women being degraded card." meanwhileas they battle it out.. natsot/cruz: "leave our kids alone." ted cruz takes on the washington postfor this cartoon depicting his children as monkeys. (sen. ted cruz, (r) presidential candidate): "when i saw that cartoon, not much ticks me off. but making fun of my girls, that'll do it." this came after cruz....daughters appeared in a t-v ad natsot/cruz ad:"i know just what i'll do she said with a snicker, i'll use my own server and no one will be the wiser." kids are generally
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limits in politics...cruz using the cartoon to raise money.... .....and the opportunity to take on his favorite foe (sen. ted cruz, (r) presidential candidate): "everyone expects the mainstream media to be liberal and biased, folks want to attack me, knock yourself out. that's part of the process, i signed up for that, that's fine. but my girls didn't sign up for that." the washington post later pulled that cartoon acknowledging it shouldn't have been published. now fox5 weather 24/7 (( weather )) it looks like despite some clouds rolling in through the night tonight and during the day christmas eve, it'll still be an above normal day. but things really start to change late in the day thursday. that's when the wind will start to pick up and the chances for a quick shot at rain , and maybe even a few snow flurries,
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itself isn't like to see much, if any, rain or snow - and certainly nothing sticking around, thanks to the wind and the fast-moving nature of the system. the cold air, however will linger through the weekend and into the first of next week. the high christmas day will be around 50 before dropping into the 40s saturday, sunday, and maybe even monday. overnight lows sunday and monday morning are extect to be in the mid to
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warm up a little but still keep high temps below normal nationally: storm prediction center meteorologist matt preliminary report were 14 tornados to touchdown in mississippi. mosier says the tornado half an hour for about 100 miles wednesday. authorities have closed down interstate 55 in the northern part of
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closed captioning will resume shortly santa could be getting an upgrade... in time for christmas. coming up... the these high-tech reindeer.
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5:30, your only choice for live
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here's a look at
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are working for fox5 news at six. people at the newspaper steps why he says he's leaving after fighting for his controversial new ownership this last couple of weeks. plus - it's one of the busiest travel what people need to know - before heading to the airport. it seems some robots could put santa's hard- working reindeer out of a job! take a look... rudolph and the rest of the gang might not have to work this thanks to these robotic reindeer. three of them are seen pulling santa's sleigh in this youtube video.
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are designed by "boston dynamics" - a company that's owned by google - and develops new
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hey, is that it? i think that's it. oh! go amanda! we love you!
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thanks for joining us.. fox5 news at 6 o'clock is straight ahead. live in las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. a deadly day in the valley .. one teen is dead...
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and a third behind
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